We have two payment options for personal training:

Option A | Pay As You Go Program

        In option A, we keep a credit card on file and simply accrue the visits and bill them out at the end of every month

Pricing pay as you go program

Level 1:  Has 5+ years of experience with at least one specialty certification

Level 2:  Has 10+ years of experience with at least one specialty certification

Option B | 16 Weeks Program

 At SiliconValleyFit, we are aware of the fact that developing a foundation for your health takes months and not just a few visits.  By committing to the minimum amount of time we know is necessary to start achieving some of your health and fitness goals, we incentivize you to do so by giving you a 10% discount.

 Our 16 weeks commitment requires a prepayment in full.  If for whatever reason you wish to drop out of the program, we will refund any visits that have not been used.

16 week program pricing

Loyalty Program:

 If you have purchased our 16 weeks commitment and wish to continue to be a regular customer of ours, we will extend your 10% discount going forward  and bill you monthly

16 Week RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) Program

RSI pricing box

This 16 week Repetitive Strain Injury program includes:

  • Initial Office Visit with extensive exam and 2 re-evaluations
  • Twenty-nine, one hour, one-on-one personal training sessions (meeting twice a week)
  • Personalized program designed with your limitations in mind
  • RSI specific corrective exercises
  • Counseling and guidance on RSI

 12 Week Weight Loss Program | Firstline Therapy (FLT) 

flt pricing with added genetic testing 2120

This 12 week weight loss and life style modification program includes: 

  • Initial Office Visit and follow-up visit with Dr. Biner
  • Basic Lab work
  • Five, 30 minute appointments with FLT Healthcare Provider
  • BIA Analysis
  • Program Guide/Booklet
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid NutrientsMulti Mineral and Protein Powder Shakes
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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss and Exercise

Genetic test and consultation pricing

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