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You have a unique biochemistry that influences your body composition.  In order to understand your unique biochemistry, we have researched and selected a variety of testing methods so we can make educated decisions on how to recommend dietary, supplemental and lifestyle changes.  Our job is to help construct a structured weight loss program that is customized to your body. 

We do not believe in “diets”

We believe that making small, sustainable changes with the proper supervision and support is the most effective way to make a change.  Lately there have been numerous ‘diets’ out there that promote some type of fasting or calorie restriction. For example, starving your body and your brain by eating an 800 calorie per day diet alongside appetite suppressants is neither healthy nor sustainable. 

What are the problems with these starvation/fasting type diets?

  • The brain needs amino acids and if you are not getting enough protein in your diet due to overall calorie restriction – you may lose focus and experience fatigue.  
  • Muscle mass is often lost when decreasing caloric intake below 1000 calories per day.  Losing muscle mass is a marker of stress and aging.  No weight loss program should have the side effect of losing muscle!
  • If you are currently active, whether running, cycling, weight training or even just walking 3-5 times a week, calorie deprivation diets can be dangerous as you could pass out from having low blood sugar levels during your workouts. 
  • When you deprive yourself of calories, the hormone cortisol will be elevated, which is a marker of stress and aging.

There are so many problems with aggressive calorie restriction or fasting type diets that we have written an entire article on it if you wish to read more details as to why this is generally not a good idea:

Fasting Diets:  10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Go There

How does our program differ?

Our program is not just a weight loss program

  • We truly customize our program to your needs through an extended health and nutrition history as well as laboratory testing.  As a result, common health problems such as high cholesterol, insulin resistance and unhealthy body composition usually improve significantly.
  • We are not just focused on weight loss but incorporate lifestyle changes and coach you through them to truly establish new patterns that will last you a lifetime.  
  • We emphasizes the importance of a low-glycemic eating plan that is consistent with current research for delivering results.

We incorporate medical foods and nutritional supplements

  • The appropriate use of medical foods and supplements enhances program effectiveness and shortens the time it takes for you to achieve risk reduction goals.
  • We have access and consult with the doctors that actually design and study the supplements we may introduce in our programs.

Why hiring a coach can be the difference between winning and losing

A good coach can see the things that you cannot.  Awareness and recognition is the first step in making a change.  Athlete or not, all of us need coaching in different areas.

The strong are those willing to make some mistakes, learn from them and keep working without being afraid to ask for help, get a coach and make a lifestyle change. 

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