Throw back that Heineken for Instant Man Boobs

Posted by Adin Smith on Fri, Jul 16, 2010
Beer is estrogenic

Have you ever wondered how some men are prone to gaining adipose tissue in their chest? There is a reason for this — it’s called aromatization.

Aromatization is the process in which the hormone testosterone gets converted to estrogen. This is not a good thing for a man. If man boobs weren’t bad enough, high levels of estrogen in men can additionally cause:

  1. Decreased sex drive, sensitivity and performance
  2. Increased risk of prostate cancer with a certain type of excess estrogen [1]
  3. Decreased testosterone and free testosterone [2]
  4. Increased amount of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) – Concomitant with the fall in total testosterone is a rise in SHBG levels [3]

How does a man reverse this process?

  1. Don’t touch the hiney (Heineken) or any beer for that matter. Simply switch to red wine or the hard stuff.
  2. Take supplemental Zinc — Supplemental Zinc helps maintain or raise testosterone levels.
  3. Take supplemental DIM — Supplemental DIM stimulates estrogen metabolism
  4. Eat cruciferous vegetables — Cruciferous vegetables contain DIM
  5. Test your HCL levels (hydrochloric acid levels) and supplement if deficient — Adequate HCL levels break down cruciferous vegetables to absorb DIM

Why is beer estrogenic?

A study in PubMed states that hops have been shown to contain one of the most potent in vitro estrogenic substance known from the plant kingdom, (±)-8-prenylnaringenin. Like soy, men need to stay away from hops as well due to it’s estrogenic effects. Of course, beer in moderation can be fine for many people – just realize that if you have low testosterone, are in a state of aromatization, or have unwanted adipose tissue in the chest region – simply follow the steps above.

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