Who We Are

We all have different issues and each person requires an individualized approach. After a complete physical, nutritional and biochemical assessment, we design a very specific program. We monitor, adjust, modify and reevaluate continuously to see that you achieve your goals in a healthy, safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

Our approaches are science and evidence based so you don’t have to worry about filtering out the latest fads in fitness, nutrition or medicine.

Some examples of the tools we may use in helping you reach your health and fitness goals are:

  • Genetic Testing
  • Traditional Lab Testing
  • Urine Organic Acids Testing
  • BioSignature
  • Advanced Posture Screening through the use of measurements, goniometry and length-tension relationship testing used in sports medicine.

We work with our clients to increase strength and energy levels, treat and prevent injuries, and in many cases, prevent disease and slow the aging process.

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